Bringing Cryptos to the people

We have simplified the use of Cryptocurrency for you.

SmartCash Transact uses the existing retail and merchant footprint to allow individuals to buy and sell digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum at community level.

Businesses / Traders / Individuals are able to sell Bitcoin to their customers. This allows anyone to buy cryptocurrency OTC (Over the Counter) using cash at any participating Merchant. Individuals are also able to withdraw / sell their cryptocurrency for cash at a Merchant as well.

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Why Choose SmartCash Transact?

Why Choose Us?

We have simplified cryptocurrency and made it accessibly for everyone.

  • No scams, No silly promises.

    As a customer, Buy Bitcoin from your trusted merchant.

    Buy as little as ZAR 50 and manage using your phone.

    Exchange your Bitcoin for cash at any participating merchant.​

    Pay for goods and services with your Bitcoin at any participating merchant.​

  • Make money for every transaction.

    As a merchant, Sell Bitcoin to your customers.

    Accept the withdrawal of Bitcoin for cash.

    Accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for any good and services.

  • Safe & Secured Platform.

    Trusted Identification using ID or Mobile number.

    Reliable biometrics fingerprint technology.

    One-time Password (OTP) verification.