SmartCash Transact


Merchant Service

Enables traders to accept payments, sell prepaids and exchange Crypto Currencies.

We enable traders at community level​ to facilitate payments using mobile POS technology. Our platform enables accept payments, sell local and global airtime; sell and accept Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin.
Make Money for Every Payment you Accept.

Payment Collection

Allows ease of management of all cash payments and collection of money from members in remote areas.

SmartCash Transact assists with the management of cash, management of members/clients, reporting, receipting and reconciliation of every cash payment. Our technology also enables businesses to collect money using an existing retail network at community level, in addition to our system integration with EasyPay. Giving members of any Institution a variety of payment options.

Prepaids & Vouchers

Empowers businesses and individuals to sell prepaids and vouchers through an established network of merchants at community level.

SmartCash Transact enables Merchants to sell prepaids from a selection of 600 network providers globally.

Crypto Currencies

SmartCash Transact uses the existing retail and merchant footprint to allow individuals to buy and sell digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum at community level.

Businesses / Traders / Individuals are able to sell Bitcoin to their customers. This allows anyone to buy cryptocurrency OTC (Over the Counter) using cash at any participating Merchant. Individuals are also able to withdraw / sell their cryptocurrency for cash at a Merchant as well.
Make Money for Every Transaction.

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Money Transfer

Send and receive money from anyone at any participating merchant.

SmartCash Transact enables merchants at community level to take part in the money transfer ecosystem, by allowing their customers to send and receive money to and from remote areas.​

Internet Banking

We provide a single view of your accounts and payments. Our website enables customers of institutions to transact online seamlessly.

Managing accounts from different service providers could be a hassle. Our portal make it possible to access accounts and manage payments from multiple service providers in one place.

Why Choose SmartCash Transact?

Why Choose Us?

Cloud based platform hosted on Microsoft Azure for high availability and scalability.

  • Low Cost Platform

    Patented Technology (PT000639ZA)

    Convenient & Easily Accesible

    Support both Fiat and Crypto Currencies​

  • Safe & Secured Platform

    Trusted Identification using ID or Mobile number

    Reliable biometrics fingerprint technology

    One-time Password (OTP) verification

  • Highly Scalable & Interoperable

    Interconnected switch for payment gateways, mobile money and digital wallets.

Download our Mobile App

Download our mobile app

Download our mobile app to begin facilitating payments

  • Accept Payments

    Accept cash and mobile payments from your customers.

  • Sell Prepaids & Vouchers

    Sell airtime locally and globally.

  • Sell & Buy Crypto Currency

    Facilitate the purchase and exchange of CryptoCurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to you customers